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Interior Help


What is interior help?


Interior help could be simply to help you make more practical use of a room or redesign a room. It could also be to assist with the saleability of your property, ensuring maximum market value.


Why you may need interior help


You may need help with your interior design if you have a room in your house which seems to have no real purpose, or if you are looking to update the decor of your home.


Perhaps your house has been on the market for some time and you're not sure why it hasn't sold. I can help you to create a more neutral and desirable space through home staging, which will appeal to potential buyers.



How to get started


  • Give me a call (or email) to discuss how I can help, for a no obligation informal chat

  • There will be an initial visit to assess your needs for home staging or interior redesign

  • We discuss an action plan for achieving your aspirations

  • We get started with sourcing any agreed required trades and shopping


"Do it now - sometimes later becomes never" - Anonymous

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