Mystery Shopper


What is a mystery shopper?


Mystery shopping is a tool used externally by market research companies, watchdog organisations, or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. The mystery consumer's specific identity and purpose is generally not known by the establishment being evaluated. (-Wikipedia)


Why you may find a mystery shopper useful 

A mystery shopper is useful in ascertaining how your company is doing in a completely natural environment. You may want to track the number of customers in your outlet, how your shoppers/consumers are greeted, the presentation of an outlet, staff sales capability, cleanliness, grooming/presentation or speed of service to name but a few. 

I can work with you to identify all areas for research and assessment to give a true evaluation of how the company is operating on a mystery shopper basis. 

How to get started


Next steps:


  • Give me a call (or email) to discuss how I can help, for a no obligation chat

  • We will meet and discuss a potential plan identifying the improvement factors you wish to measure, a package and time-line


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