Senior Services


What are senior services?


Senior services help make life easier and safer in the later years. I can help with clutter, paper sorting and downsizing while coaching you through this difficult time, giving you confidential, non-judgemental advice. My services help you to organise your home in a way that makes it quick and easy for you to find those everyday essentials you need.


Why you may need senior services


Do you or a loved one need help sorting through a home as there are too many things, creating a safety issue? Perhaps you've accumulated too many items to take to a smaller place, and are moving to a new home, a residential home or an assisted living facility.


Whether you are looking at reorganising your current home or downsizing, DeClutter Angel offers positive, caring support to achieve safe, functional living. Please give me a call to see how I can help.

How to get started

  • Give me a call (or email) to discuss how I can help, for a no obligation informal chat to assess your needs

  • We discuss a plan and time-line for you

  • We get started (either on the day, or at an agreed time, generally for maximum 5 hour sessions)


"Do it now - sometimes later becomes never" - Anonymous

   Call: 07948 529587

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