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8 Top Tips to Bedroom Heaven

Your bedroom is the most important room in the house, it is the place where you go to retreat at the end of most days, and what you see, hear and feel as you close your eyes effects how you will feel when you wake up in the morning.

Here are my tips on decluttering your bedroom and how to make the most of it to be in the best mood you can as each new day approaches…

  1. Limited on space? Well this may be the case however don’t let work and bills sneak in, in the form of an office space in the bedroom – find somewhere else for it. If that’s really not possible see if you can find a way to completely shut it away, in a wardrobe or bureau style desk system

  2. Less is more with furniture – if you are tight on space why not have a re-shuffle and see if you can find a way to remove some

  3. Before you get really stuck in to decluttering, if you can clear the room out and have a good clean - and even a fresh coat of paint if you fancy - it will give a better impact and overall finish

  4. Remove all your clothes from the wardrobe and organise them in the following way:

  • Donate to charity – any “everyday style” item not worn in 1 year, anything that doesn’t fit well (too big or too small), anything outdated, anything you don’t actually like!

  • Add hanging shelves to wardrobes to give extra space for folding and stacking clothes, again for ease of seeing what you have but also for storing large quantities

  • Follow the steps above for chests of drawers, potentially adding dividers or folding items so you can see what you have

  • If you are still short of space, then box up and seal out of season clothing (summer / winter items) for storing in the loft or garage

  • Re-load your wardrobe in an organised way that works for you – either by occasion, item, colour – light to dark or whichever combination you prefer. It needs to be a method that works for you or you won’t stick to it!

  • Extra tip – if you are struggling to emotionally let go of an old item which is no further use for you for whatever reason, then consider taking a photo before donating it and sendng it on its way to a new home

  • Put into the recycle bin any torn, single socks, damaged clothes etc

  1. Review your bedding, make it tidy and inviting, and discard any damaged or faded covers and consider neutral colours or whites

  2. Bedside tables should be minimalistic on top and the drawers within should house just your essential items

  3. TVs, tablets and other screens – in an ideal world - should be kept to a minimum, a bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, so if you can’t do away with the gadgets completely, try to switch off an hour or so before closing your eyes to ensure the best night sleep

  4. Follow the next tips to help keep your room serene:

  • Make your bed each morning

  • Open your curtains or blinds and let the new day in

  • Hang or place worn items in the washing basket at the end of each day

  • Don’t bring anything new in to the room that isn’t sleep related

  • Always try to put items away where they belong – a place for everything and everything in its place!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find some of these DeClutter Angel, small steps BIG IMPACT tips helpful on achieving a great nights’ sleep!

For more information or help, please contact: Karen Taylor 07948 529587

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