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DeClutter Angel Reveals her 5 T's

Happy Monday morning and welcome to my latest declutter blog! Here they are; my Top Ten Tips To Tidy - enjoy...

1. Visualise how you would love your space to look before you start, and this will help to achieve your goal.

2. Focus on just one room, or one area of the room, then you will see clearly the progress you make.

3. Remove everything that doesn’t belong in that room or space as you go along.

4. Keep two bags with you – one for rubbish and one for charity to clear out the items which you no longer need (and even have a little dust as you go, it all makes a difference).

5. Stacking items in drawers vertically or horizontally on hanging shelves in wardrobes, stores far more and helps you see everything more easily.

6. Have an area for your paperwork and put your post/receipts etc. in the same place and then sort through it daily, shredding and filing as you go.

7. Empty your handbag each day to allow you to file/shred receipts and remove items that no longer need to be at hand.

8. Try not to keep lots of bottles around your shower and bath, ideally store in a cupboard and if you cant manage this have a ‘one bottle of each type’ rule and keep on a shower or bath tidy.

9. Don’t keep things ‘just in case’, it will cause clutter and stress, you will be surprised how clear the future looks when the space in front of you is clear too.

10. Take photos of sentimental items like souvenirs you have no longer need for, file them away and then you will be able to find them when you need to, and they will be out of sight to enable you to look to the future.

A final word, don’t give up, if you cant quite afford to get support to help you with the process, commit to 10 minutes a day and as your clutter clears your confidence will grow.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find some of these DeClutter Angel, small steps BIG IMPACT tips on decluttering useful…

For information or advice on decluttering please contact: Karen Taylor 07948 529587

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