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Calling Northamptonshire Property Owners!

Did you know there is a shortage of houses on the market at the moment? You only have to look on websites like Rightmove to see houses selling like hot cakes!

It always makes me wonder why people don't take the plunge more often and have a change of scene.. Especially with house prices jumping 12 percent in the last year in the Wellingborough area alone, according to Rightmove.

My husband and I seem to struggle to stay living anywhere for much more than two and a half years and I have to say, I do love the whole process from preparing my house for sale to making my new home my own - chains, solicitors and all that perhaps not as much, but it is all worth it in the end.

Estate agents are crying out for more properties to sell, and I know as a recent house hunter that there certainly isn't enough choice! So why not have a think about the profit you could have made already on your property, and the potential new chapter you could encounter at a new location perhaps closer to family/friends, work, schools or out in the country!

Thinking of selling your house, need some help decluttering? DeClutter Angel can help:

  • Local Northamptonshire help to declutter either individual rooms or the whole house

  • Items can be taken to a charity shop for you

  • Help available to unpack and re-organise in your new home

  • Home-staging / "house doctor" style advice to get your hone ship-shape ready for selling

  • Make your move lighter and brighter by only taking the things you need

Thanks for reading, for information or advice on decluttering, home staging, or if you have a house which has been on the market for a while and has not yet sold, please contact:

Karen 07948 529587

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