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Keeping all the balls in the air...

Today life is a juggle for most of us with a mix of perhaps; working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, endless washing and drying clothes, ironing, family commitments and the list goes on.. I feel exhausted just thinking about it!

One area that can be a real struggle is dealing with the constant incoming of mail (both paper and paperless!), creating and keeping of filing systems, shredding, keeping safe valuable information, leaflets popping through the door, we have so much going on its not surprising we sometimes drop a ball and more often than not its paperwork that can be left to be sorted out later.

Keeping on top of paperwork as it appears in front of you is a very simple trick that prevents the issues that can be caused by build up. Once there is a developed system to slip these items into as they appear it takes no time at all to deal with and makes it easy to lay your hands on what you need in a jiffy.

Here are a few tips on how to stay ahead of a potential paper mountain:

- Step 1 - clear the backlog by putting all your paperwork in one location and break it down into three simple sections or piles; a) bin b) file c) shred/destroy

- Step 2 - decide how you will shred or destroy you personal information - book a shredding service or buy a shredder or fire pit

- Step 3 - decide and create a filing system that works for you (i.e. not too complicated then there is more chance of you using it). For example: simple A-Z or life areas; insurance / medical / school / receipts / tax

- Step 4 - every time you come across any paperwork follow the 3 simple sections on Step 1 and deal instantly with you paperwork before it becomes clutter

If you need a hand with clearing the backlog and setting up new routines and systems to prevent too much paperwork clutter in the future please contact:

Karen 07948 529587

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