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Ten Top Tips to Tidy!


Like our friends on the other side of the pond here in the UK we are accumulating more and more stuff, and in turn the space around us is shrinking with the clutter preoccupying our minds and starting to take over our lives.  The need to declutter our possessions is growing and it's time to take back control of our lives and get organised, after all if we were stuck on a dessert island how many chipped old ceramic mugs would we actually need!?!

The good news is you now don't need to tackle the challenge of getting started on your own, Declutter Angel is changing the way we get through our clutter in Northamptonshire and to help you get on your way here is a free insight to her Top Ten Tips to Tidy:

1) Break down areas so it's a more manageable task, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was all that clutter collected in a day - so why expect yourself to get through it all so fast?  Breaking down the task into smaller goals allows us to see the progress we are making. 

2) Always start with an area which is bothering you the most.  Perfect to get a positive feeling of accomplishment by braving the most irritating area first and seeing the progress. 

3) Once you get started, start moving items into logical piles of; 



                                                                  Wrong place, need it - but should in the bathroom/kitchen (etc) 


                                                                  To sell (but only if you are going to commit to selling it soon!)

4) Try and only keep what you use or will need in the short to medium term and avoid storage where possible 


5) If you are struggling and have a 'not sure' pile really question, when did you last use it?  Do you like it? This should help guide you to a decision... 

6) Also think, would you buy it now?  If you wouldn't, you probably don't need/want it! (this is a great one with trying on clothes you haven't worn in a while!)

7) If you can't manage a whole task at once, then try just 10 mins a day, chipping away makes a huge difference, imagine if you did 10 mins a day in 2019? What would things look like now in 2020?

8) Like the hare and the tortoise slow and steady wins the race, try tackling just a drawer or cupboard 

9) Play music to keep you motivated, it might just make the whole experience more enjoyable

10) The Golden Rule: Think more about your purchases next time, every time think 1) do I love it? and 2) do I need it - only buy it if you answer yes to both and you will prevent more clutter entering your life...

For more help getting started you can contact Declutter Angel at: or on mobile: 07948 529587.

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