Undercover Business Consulting


What is undercover business consulting?


We are very familiar with business consultation contracts to identify areas for improvement within our businesses.  However, assessing the business from the inside out on an undercover basis gives you a direct and honest look into how your business is actually performing, rather than how it performs when you are around, as a key element to the business consultation.


Who needs undercover business consulting?

You do.  If you sell anything to anyone.  Most of us have seen the TV hit “Undercover Boss”, however it’s not something we all have the luxury of time to do, therefore if growing some facial hair, donning a wig and dressing down into disguise isn’t for you, I undertake temporary contracts within the local area to see what is really happening within your business and glean the critical information you would otherwise be unaware of.

Having over 20 years’ business experience of focusing on clients and profits enables me to be a perfect fit - a well-seasoned business person who can identify strengths, weaknesses, areas for opportunity and fine tuning for your business.  The undercover element allows a full, unmasked measure of quality of service, compliance, employee performance and productivity to be evaluated and future strategized on from there. 

How to get started


Next steps:


  • Give me a call (or email) to discuss how I can help, for a no obligation chat

  • We will meet and discuss a potential plan identifying the improvement factors you wish to measure, a package and time-line


"Do it now - sometimes later becomes never" - Anonymous

   Call: 07948 529587

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