"Do You Love It?"

..."But do you actually love it?!" I ask, holding up an item that we are considering donating to charity...


Often when you truly think about things in this way, considering each item individually and answering honestly, you can begin to realise and understand which items you should be surrounding yourself with and which items perhaps could go to a new home. "Do you love it?" is my mantra for making your home a haven once more.

A Personal Touch

My name is Karen Taylor and I am a daughter, sister, wife, mum, and step-mum. What brings me joy is helping you step-by-step, guiding you through your belongings. Together we will remove items which are in the way and clouding your vision of the things you actually do love. It can be difficult to sort through your home by yourself, but I can be the person you rely on when you need to get organised. We'll work through it all together.


I love helping people find focus and direction in their lives, I truly understand how rewarding it is to take back control of your life. 

Following a successful corporate career I re-trained in organising and coaching as my passion is helping people; spending time offering caring, non judgmental and inspiring services I find so rewarding.

Whether you have areas in your life you need coaching through the fog, either in a 'physical' clutter format or simply need fresh eyes to inspire your homes' redecoration ready for a spring refresh, I am here to devote my time and attention to discretely help you through. Whatever help you need, by the time we're finished and all organised, when I ask, "do you love it?" the answer will be YES!

All my consultations are confidential; absolutely no information is passed on or released to a third party without consent. I approach each assignment with discretion, care, tact, drive and co-operation.

So, no more hesitation - a simple phone call 07948 529587 or email now and

I promise you will never look back...

   Call: 07948 529587

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