Decluttering Service


What is clutter?


Clutter; noun
A confused or disordered state or collection


We all find different transitions in life challenging and sometimes it's just simply how busy we are that means we need a little helping hand to get started.  I can offer coaching through this difficult time with little changes to offer you the support you need in a confidential, non-judgemental way. 


Why you may need to declutter


There are many reasons why you may need to declutter - perhaps you are moving house, getting married or divorced, changing your job, retiring, or finding yourself with an empty nest after your children have left home. Or maybe you've simply found that clutter has built up in your home and it's time for a clear out.


How to get started


Once decluttered, you will find new energy and clarity in your life, so let's look at your next steps to get this started:


  • Give me a call (or email) to discuss how I can help, for a no obligation informal chat

  • There will be an initial visit to assess your needs

  • We discuss a plan and time-line for you

  • We get started (either on the day, or at an agreed time, generally for maximum 5 hour sessions)

5 Shocking Facts About Your Wardrobe















Just a bit of fun with some surprising facts - enjoy!


"Do it now - sometimes later becomes never" - Anonymous

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