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DeClutter Angel’s Look at Healthy Lifestyles - Part 1: Do You Have a Healthy Weight & Body Image

Suited well to the fact its January, I would like to look in my next 3 blogs at healthy lifestyles. Here is part 1 – enjoy!

Do You Have a Healthy Weight and Body Image?

We are increasingly conscious of our fitness and physical appearance, and whilst faddy diets, vitamin supplements and hair growth products promise fantastic, quick fix results, sometimes we need a more realistic approach to weight and body image issues.

Mostly what we need to develop is a workable, enjoyable and realistic way of life which helps us to be the best we can possibly be, without being bound to the unrealistic images and pressure of the media, health and balance are key.

Some of the issues we can face, which can be often intertwined, could be:

• Weight issues • Unhealthy diet • Lack of exercise • Excess consumption of caffeine or alcohol • Self-esteem issues • Stress • Smoking

It may be a healthier guide to eating, an exercise routine, relaxation methods, time management training or various other coaching help depending on our goals that are needed. Sometimes it is not clear what our goals are without a real assessment of where we are, to understand where we want to be. Once we have established goals, further assessment and guidance can clarify which areas to work on first, by looking at how our life is affected by the unhealthy lifestyle both now and in the future.

If you are struggling with your weight, body image or any area of your life that you feel needs some clarification or refining, contact me for a free telephone consultation and I will see how I can help.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this DeClutter Angel, small steps BIG IMPACT blog on Healthy Weight and Body Image a nutritious food for your thoughts…

Look out for part 2 of DeClutter Angel’s Look at Healthy Lifestyles on Why We May Overeat.

For more information, please contact Karen Taylor: 07948 529587


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