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Making that first step…

With all the "KonMari" Netflix craze and an early sneak peak of Spring in the air its not surprising many people are wanting to start decluttering and tidying up their stuff. Its all good having the best will in the world but more often than not it’s the getting started we need a bit of help with. It can be too easy to pop the TV on and think about it another time. But hold it right there! I promise you, that if you make a start little and often you will soon reap the rewards to your tidy space creating a tidy mind.

Here are a few tips on getting started and making that first step:

  • Make a timed appointment with yourself to get it done, and stick to it like you would an appointment with the dentist…

  • Play your favourite music whilst cleaning or tiding and make it into fun exercise – you never know you might do enough to skip the gym and make it an activity you enjoy

  • Start somewhere... anywhere will make a difference

  • When you are overwhelmed work on top priorities only. You don’t have to climb the full mountain today!

  • Don’t expect perfection at the start, finishing touches come at the end, so be kind to yourself – all progress is good

You will find once you have less stuff in the way and get re-organised, everything has a home you will find it much easier to tidy things away leaving you with a clearer, cleaner tidy space.

Good luck!

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