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Marie Kondo

Following many best-selling book releases I wanted to take the opportunity in writing a blog about tidying up Guru Marie Kondo – a Japanese organising consultant and New York times best-selling author. Marie Kondo is best known for her book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, a book which was the birth of her organising style called the “Konmari Method”. This method has helped many people step by step in organising cluttered rooms, and also step forward in taking back the control in organising their lives.

Looking briefly at the stages the “Konmari Method” teaches are;

  • First, organise in categories and prioritise the items that are most sentimental to you or otherwise put “spark joy” to keep

  • Second, organising the items you want to keep in an appropriate manner - categorising them where applicable

  • Third, keep to the storage rules;

  • items in storage should be stored together

  • areas in which they are stored should not be spaced out

  • a random disorganised stack of anything is never to be created

  • Fourth – Let go everything else, quite literally!

There are great principles here to really start prioritising our things and move forward keeping in perspective the quantity of less relevant stuff we surround ourselves in.

I am not sure if you have read this book, but I enjoyed it and also her method of organising. It might not be quite everyone’s ‘cup-of-tea’ as the methods could appear rather inflexible or extreme, I do feel though that there are some super elements we can take from this and some – when appropriate - are right in helping people my clients to declutter their homes, but it is all about what is appropriate for each client and building a journey that is flexible to suit you to give the best results and most positive experience.

Thanks for reading - if you want to chat more about my organising services please contact:

Karen Taylor on: 07948 529587

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