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Isn't it just tidying up?

I am often asked; why declutter? Isn't it just tidying up? Surely its easy!?! Why would anyone need help with that? Well I guess it is easier for some people more than others, but for most of us things slowly creep into our lives and start accumulating until they really do get in the way, we are all very busy these days, and sometimes forgetting to look after ourselves or not realising how our many possessions and our space (or lack of it!) can impact how we feel.

Here are some of the benefits of decluttering your possessions and focusing your space in 2019 on what you love:

  • It reduces stress by having a tidy clean space to enjoy​.

Having a clean and clear space to enjoy reduces stress as when you are able to see clearly, you instantly feel more relaxed.

  • Better health reducing allergies​.

It is sometimes quite surprising how many people have asthma and such allergies that having a clearer space helps ease and reduce the affects.

  • It’s easier to keep your space clean and tidy after a big declutter

Whizzing around with the duster and the vacuum is so much faster when its tidy, if you try and tackle the clean first you can never feel its done quite properly and takes much longer.

  • Allows you to focus on other things

The old saying - a tidy desk is a tidy mind - translates to all spaces I find, when you are able to see clearly in-front of you it is easier to make a next step forward with doing things you enjoy, when its time to tackle that to-do list, or simply choosing what to wear.​

  • Makes room to have more things around you that you love

If you have positive things around you surely it cant help but make you feel more positive generally? So if you are keeping an old ornament on the side that was gifted to you, but you never really liked why not donate it to charity and replace it with something you love so you can really enjoy the item all the time?

  • Find lost items

It always puts a little smile on my face when a client finds something they have been looking for, and it makes it feel even more worth it to them...

  • Sell unwanted items and make some extra money ​​

A little extra cash goes a long way especially after the festive period, so pop unwanted items online and earn a nice meal or two out for yourself whilst creating some space​.

Thanks for reading - if you want to chat more about my organising services please contact:

Karen Taylor on: 07948 529587

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