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Northants Autumn Spectacular Offer

Here I have an Autumn promotion on decluttering to be rivalled with no other:

1 hour declutter free with DeClutter Angel!

That’s right – let me come and help you declutter your home for an hour for free. Sometimes we all need a helping hand getting started so here I am – no strings attached (your property for decluttering just needs to be in Northamptonshire, UK)*.

(*Offer is open for the first 10 decluttering bookings taken in October 2016, based in Northamptonshire, quoting ‘Northants Autumn Spectacular Offer’, subject to availability, not to be used in conjunction with any other offers).

Let’s re-review a few benefits of removing excess clutter from our lives and reducing those stress levels;

  • Free's up our time – so we will be able to find things

  • Safer environment – less dust which can be a health hazard and less clutter on the floor which could create tripping hazards

  • Increased chance of romance - clearing the dining room and bedroom prevents distraction and dismay in quality time alone with a partner

  • Easier on the eye - a tidier view

  • More control over our lives – by having a clear space and seeing what we need to do next, helps us to feel we can just do it

  • Energising - whilst not being bogged down with a visual to-do list of clutter, we will be more energised to move on to figuring out what else needs doing

  • Sense of accomplishment – the sense of accomplishment and relief once the space is tidy and organised is so satisfying

  • Save money – by selling on items and more importantly making us think more deeply before making our next purchases

In summary, having a tidy home, gives a clearer, calmer and tidy mind, definitely worth it!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find some of these DeClutter Angel, small steps BIG IMPACT benefits on decluttering useful…

For more information or to take advantage of DeClutter Angels’ Northants Autumn Spectacular Offer please contact: Karen Taylor 07948 529 587

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