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Outsourcing Core Competencies

Getting bogged down with re-organising the office, tweeting, and wondering how your business performs when you are not around can be really counter-productive.

Why not spend 5 minutes investigating what you can outsource that may relieve hours / days of your time, or even a chunk of resource? Not to mention these activities can take the focus away from your customers and ultimately driving your business.

As part of the The DeClutter Angel website overhaul, there are now on offer some unique services to alleviate these issues for businesses:

  • Mystery Shopping Services

  • Undercover Business Consultancy

  • Social Media Services

  • Office Organising

  • Individual Sales Coaching

Please review the website tabs above to find out more about these brand new services, and if you know someone who might be interested in any of them, please do spread the word about DeClutter Angel.

Thanks for reading - if you want to chat more about any of the above services please contact

Karen Taylor on: 07948 529587

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